Drop In 4all – also under 15 years

Drop In is our race without booking. It is the battle against the clock for both kids and adults. You are always welcome to drop in and order the number of minutes that suit you. Your race will begin as soon as the track becomes available.

Drop In is for all – also younger than 15.
Please see our height requirements further down.

10 minutes 10 min. 130,-
20 minutes 20 min. 240,-
30 minutes 30 min. 335,-
40 minutes 40 min. 420,-
50 minutes 50 min. 510,-
60 minutes 60 min. 600,-
10-tour pass (10x10 min.): 999,-
10 min. in Twinkart 250,-
Helmet sock 20,-
App (driver's license) 5,-
Gloves ,-


Adult kart: Min. height 150 cm
Children kart: Min. height 120 cm
Twinkart driver: Min. 18 years old
Twinkart passenger: Min. height 90 cm


Booking of Drop In is not possible. However, you are always welcome to call us on phone: +45 8628 0170 during the day to hear about the options for Drop In.

If you have any questions you can also mail us on aar@racehall.com

If you are a student or a senior citizen you will get a 20% discount Monday to Wednesday from 10am-4pm.