Our Vision

Racehall opened the doors for the first time back in june, 2006. Since then we’ve had a vision about becoming your favorite destination, when ever you are looking for fun or feel ‘the need for speed’. At Racehall there is room for everyone, big and small, and we have created a place where you can achieve personal victories, create new bonds and strengthen already existing bonds to friends and family.

That can both be done on our gokart track, which is the biggest in Northern Europe, on the ski slope at our Skiarena, in the racing simulators at RacingRoom, in the music studio at Voicehall and around delicious food at The Diner, which is located with a nice view of the track.

Our Mission

At Racehall we have a mission to give all of our customers the ultimate experience. For that reason we take great pride in making sure that high quality equipment, high safety standards, nice service and big smiles is always a part of the experience. We also make sure that Racehall is a nice, clean and inspiring place to be, so that our surroundings match you expectations. All of our employees are also focused on providing the best service and finding the best solution, so that the customer has a great time.

Our Values

At Racehall we love challenges. Everyday we challenge ourselves to provide the best conditions for our customers to ho have the ultimate experience through nice service, high quality, professionalism and, of course, a positive spirit. At the same time we try to challenge our customers, as we believe that is a part of havingthe very best experience on the track. Would you like to try it out? Have a look through our different packages or contact us today.


Chairman: Poul Plougmann

Casper Kirk Johansen

Jacob Brunsborg

Peter Skjødt-Jakobsen

Henrik Stærmose

Flemming Grene Thomsen