Remember to present a valid Corona passport upon arrival

We hope you all will take extra good care of each other in a time like this. We will of course take care of you.

At Racehall, we take all our precautions. We have therefore acquired a lot of hand gel dispensers, which are available everywhere in the Racehall, which must be used.

We make sure to keep our distance from each other and we have high ceilings, with plenty of fresh air and good ventilation systems.

All equipment is disinfected and washed before and after use, so we make sure to reduce the risk of infection, and we have put extra effort into cleaning during these times.

Our staff is trained and guided in providing the best service to you, as well as taking care of you, and ensures that the precautions are observed so you can safely come to Racehall again.

If you feel lethargic or have symptoms, we ask that you do not show up, but call us and cancel.