Sallie’s Race Lounge

Whether or not you want to drive the go-karts, there is always food for you!

Sallie’s Race Lounge is an American-inspired restaurant located on the first floor in Racehall Copenhagen, where there is an amazing view over the racetrack. Maybe you already recognize Sallie’s from Wittrup Motel.

The restaurant is designed and decorated with strong inspiration from Sallie Zimmerhackel from Denver, Colorado in the USA. She built Sallie’s Snack Bar in 1955, and the Wittrup Motel in Albertslund.

Sallie’s has always had strong ties to motorsport–not least, to Roskilde Ring motorsports ring, which also opened in 1955. In the 1950’s and 1960’s, Roskilde Ring held many races, both go-kart and Formula 1 races and on many occasions, international superstars in the sport stayed overnight at the Wittrup Motel and dined at Sallie’s.

The sport of go-karting was invented in the USA in 1956, around the same time that Sallie opened her snack bar, and 2 years after that, the first Danish produced go-kart hit the market.

Look around. In Sallie’s Race Lounge, you can dive deep into the history of Sallie, decor from the 1950’s, and our deep connection to motorsport.

The menu card is inspired from Sallie’s original, handwritten menu card and the dishes  are also 50’s inspired, homemade, but with our signature twist.

Menu card
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Conference rooms
For large companies, meetings, or similar, we offer 2 newly designed conference rooms and everything that goes with them.

Live musik
We also offer live music, true to the American style. Like us on Facebook, and stay updated on new events.

Take Away

Sallie’s Race Lounge offers also Take Away. Click her to see our take-away menu card.

Opening hours and Orders

Manday-Thursday: Kl. 15:00-22:00

Friday: kl. 12.00-22.00

Saturday and Sunday: kl. 10.00-22.00

Telefon: [på vej]