F1 Style – Closed Event

F1 Style is a race of 30 minutes duration. The 10 first minutes is a qualification that determines the starting order for the finale. The finale lasts 20 minutes. Can you finish first?

F1 Style can be organized both as Open Event and as Closed Event depending on the size of your party. The price is the same per person.

F1 Style - per person: 335,-
Helmet sock 20,-
Driver's license 5,-


Minimum 12 persons.
The person that has booked the race is responsible if drivers younger than 15 participate in the race.

Meeting time: 30 minutes before race.

30 min
12-34 personer

Opening Hours

All days from 10:00 to 20:00


Can be booked 5 years in advance.

Pres the book button to book F1 Style as Closed Event.

Please contact us on phone +45 8628 0170  or mail cph@racehall.com if you have any questions.