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F1 Grand Prix

F1 Grand Prix is our race type of 1 hour duration. It is divided into a 10 minute warm-up, 15 minutes of qualification where the fastest lap time counts, and a 30 minute race where it comes to crossing the line as the first. This type of race can only be arranged as a CLOSED EVENT, which means that you’re booking the entire lane only for you. Due to this, you must be a minimum of 12 persons to be able to book this race type.


Send a mail to or call +45 8628 0170

Can be booked 5 years ahead

F1 Grand Prix - pr. person600,-
Helmet sock20,-
Drivers license5,-


Minimum 12 persons
Arrive 30 minutes before race start

60 min
12-34 persons

Opening Hours

All days from 10:00 to 20:00