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Terms of trade

Terms of trade

General information
The Website is owned and operated by Racehall
CVR: 39930757
Address: Bondehøjvej 20, 2630 Taastrup
Mail: [email protected]
Sales support: Tel. 86280170
We strive to answer your inquiries as soon as possible, however, a maximum of 5 working days.
For online booking of go-kart driving

On the first visit to the Racehall, all riders must use a starter pack with the following:
– 1 helmet cap
– 1 pair of cotton gloves
– 1 Racehall APP, incl. user creation in the registration system (Download for free via the APP Store or Google Play)
The above 3 things can be kept and brought with you when you visit Racehall again in connection with go-kart driving.

Closed and Open Race – age limit and requirements:
At the Open Race, all participants must be over 15 years old. Participants under the age of 16 (ie 15-year-olds) must have a signature from a parent or guardian either in the APP or on the form, which can be downloaded here:
At Closed race and Family race, participants under the age of 15 can ride with, by a signature from parents or guardian either in the APP or on the form, which can be downloaded here:

When booking a go-kart ride online, acceptance is confirmed that:
– You arrive at the stated meeting time 30 min. before driving (45min before at family race and Le Mans). Pay special attention to the meeting time.
– All participants are min. 15 years old at Open Events.
– You are responsible for the total price of the booking, even if you become fewer participants on the day. More participants can be purchased if there is space on the course.
– Payment must be made in full on arrival and not per. person. We accept most major debit cards.
– It is not possible to receive an invoice.
– All changes to online orders should be made in writing via [email protected]
– We reserve the right to make errors and changes.

Right of withdrawal when ordering go-kart driving online, including tickets and access to various Championships, training and race series:
You have no right of withdrawal according to Danish legislation, as this is a service specially adapted to you. We would like to ignore this, as long as you cancel or change your order at least 4 weeks before your booked time.

Cancellation & Change Fee:
Your order must be confirmed within 3 days of receiving this email and can also be canceled within 3 days.

If canceled after confirmation:
– Less than 2 weeks before the booked date, 50% of the full rental amount is paid.
– Less than 1 week before the booked date, 100% of the full rental amount is paid.

Cancellation or postponement of go-kart driving, due to Racehall decision or force majeure:

-In case of cancellation or postponement to div. Championships, training and race series are refunded the full amount, with the exception of the standard handling fee of up to DKK 40. ex VAT and 1.9% of the total amount

For changes after confirmation:
You are responsible for the number of people you have ordered, even if you have fewer participants on the day. More participants can be purchased. Please notify the final number of participants in writing no later than 5 days before the race day.

Shipping when buying item
Backorders are delivered within a few days up to 30 working days.
When buying for at least 699, – you get free delivery by choosing DAO – Pakkeshop solution
For purchases under DKK 699, a delivery fee will be added:
DAO-Pakkeshop (1-2 days delivery): 29.00 DKK
DAO-Direct (1-2 days delivery): 39.00 DKK
GLS-Pakkeshop (1-2 weekday delivery): 59.00 DKK
GLS distribution for business (1-2 working days delivery): DKK 59.00
GLS Distribution for private (1-2 working days delivery): 75.00 DKK
Pick-up at Racehall Center (Taastrup or Viby J): 0.00 DKK
Racehall reserves the right to change prices and delivery times without notice from suppliers.
Right of appeal
If you as a consumer want to complain about your purchase, please contact:
Flemming Grene Thomsen
Racehall CPH
Bondehøjvej 20
2630 Taastrup

If we do not succeed in finding a solution, you can send a complaint to:
House of Boards
Toldboden 2
8800 Viborg
If you reside in an EU country other than Denmark, you can complain to the EU Commission’s online complaints portal here – ”
Standard cancellation form
Please notify your cancellation by email to [email protected] with the following information completed
To the Racehall

I hereby announce that I wish to exercise the right of withdrawal in connection with my purchase agreement for the following goods / services:
Ordered it:
Received on:
Consumer name:
Consumer address:
Consumer best contact information:
Consumer signature:
Date: (only if the contents of the form are announced on paper)

Racehall accepts payment with VISA, VISA Dankort, VISA, Mastercard and Mobile Pay and other major payment cards.
Payment will only be deducted from your account when the item is shipped or upon arrival at the local Racehall Center. Standard card fees are charged.
Important delivery info!
Please note that it is unfortunately not possible for DAO / GLS to deliver to all non-bridged islands in Denmark, which is why they will be delivered to the nearest parcel shop.
If a package is not picked up within the shipping company’s deadline, it will be collected on the shipping company’s terms. An uncollected package is not returned to the sender, so if you cancel the purchase, you must pick up the package in the relevant package shop and return it on normal terms. If a package has not been picked up within the specified period, therefore contact the shipping company. Returns to parcel shops are not accepted, and must be made with distribution, cf. the section on returns.
How the packages are delivered
When choosing DAO Direct, your shipment is delivered to your mailbox, whereby the package is considered to have been delivered. When choosing GLS with distribution to private or business, you allow GLS to use the Deposit service, which means if you are not at home, then GLS can provide and deliver your package in a suitable place of their choice, using GLS you allow thereby a delivery with Deposit service.
Delivery abroad
Delivery abroad within the EU, freight is paid. Delivery abroad outside the EU, including Greenland and the Faroe Islands, is paid for freight.
Right of withdrawal
As a consumer, you have a 14-day right of withdrawal when you shop with us.
NOTE: If you want to return a purchase outside the 14-day right of withdrawal, then we have a 30-day extended right of return, where you can have your purchase converted to a coupon code * corresponding to the price ex. freight and not in cash. The coupon code can not be used on shipping, or on already discounted items or combined with other coupon codes, vouchers, promotions or the like. And the coupon code cannot be paid out either.
* Coupon code / voucher offer only applies to stocked items, and can not be used / offered if an item, for example, has expired in the meantime or similar.
The cancellation period expires 14 days after the day you received your item. If you have ordered several different items in the same purchase, but they are delivered individually, the deadline runs from the day you receive the last item.
If the purchase consists of several lots or parts, the cancellation period expires 14 days after the day you receive the last batch or the last part.
Remember this!
The deadline means that you have 14 days from receipt to let us know that you will regret your purchase. You can send us an email here on the standard cancellation form
You can not cancel the purchase by refusing to receive the item without notifying us at the same time. All items must be picked up and returned upon cancellation of delivery. You can thus not refuse to receive it and then not send it back to us.
The right of withdrawal also lapses if ..
If the seal / packaging is broken, the right of withdrawal lapses due to hygienic reasons. You can therefore not break the seal on e.g. a helmet cap and make use of the right of return afterwards, as a hygiene product cannot be resold.
Undoing part of the purchase
If you have purchased several items from us, you have the option of sending one or more items back, even if they were purchased in one order.
Please note that you will not be reimbursed for shipping costs if you regret part of your purchase.

Once you have notified us that you want to cancel your purchase, you have 14 days to send the item back to us.
You must pay for the package to be returned, and you are responsible if damage occurs during transport, such as if the package is damaged or destroyed during transport.
Important: All returns should be made with track and trace. It is the sender’s responsibility to ensure that the package arrives. Return shipments may not be made with eg DAO, as DAO does not deliver to businesses. It is up to you to update yourself with the shipping company used that they can deliver it with delivery to businesses with tracking number.
The condition of the item when you send it back
If the item has lost value and it is because you have used it in a different way than what was necessary to determine the item’s nature, properties and the way it works, you can only get part of the purchase amount back. The amount you can get back depends on the commercial value of the item.
We recommend that you send the item back in the original packaging.
If the original packaging is missing, it may lead to a decrease in the value of the item.
Refund of the purchase amount
If you regret your purchase and you are eligible based on the return procedure, you will be credited. If the item is impaired, we will deduct the amount you are liable for.
In the event of a complaint, we will refund all payments received from you, including delivery costs (however, this does not apply to additional delivery costs in cases where you have chosen a different form of delivery than the cheapest form of standard delivery that we offer), no later than 14 days from the day we received your return shipment.
We will refund the money with the same means of payment that you used at the time of purchase, unless we have agreed otherwise.

The item is sent to:
Bondehøjvej 20, 2630 Taastrup
We only accept packages that are sent directly to the address.
Right of complaint
When you shop with us as a consumer, the rules of the Purchase Act apply to purchases of goods.
This means that you have a right to make a complaint for 24 months. Contact us before you send the item.
If your complaint is justified, it means that you can either have the item repaired, exchanged, the money back or a reduction in the price, depending on the specific situation.
Advertise well in advance
You must complain within a “reasonable time” after you have discovered the error. If you complain within two months after the error is discovered, the complaint will always be timely.
If the complaint is justified, we will refund your (reasonable) shipping costs. The item must always be sent back in proper packaging. Also remember to get a receipt for shipping so we can reimburse your shipping costs.
The item is sent to:
Bondehøjvej 20, 2630 Taastrup
We only accept packages that are sent directly to the address.
When you return the item, please enclose a detailed description of the problem.

Purchase of gift card validity period

Electronic gift cards purchased from RACEHALL have a validity period of 12 months.
Ie. the gift card can be used no later than 3 years after the date of issue. The specific dates for your particular gift card are stated on the gift card itself.

Right of withdrawal when purchasing gift cards

If you regret the purchase of a gift card, you must contact Racehall within 14 days and announce that you wish to cancel your purchase, then you have 14 days to send the gift card back to [email protected] or:
Racehall a / s
Bondehøjvej 20
2630 Taastrup

Remember to include the following information: name, address and telephone number. If you have saved the order confirmation, it is also welcome to enclose it as a copy.

The shipping costs incurred for returning a gift card are covered by the customer. Racehall a / is not responsible for gift cards that are returned and do not arrive.

Once you have returned a gift card to the above email or location address, we will credit the amount paid and deposit the money into your account within 14 business days of receipt.
Note! Only gift card buyers can get a refund.

Personal data policy
We need the following information when you shop with us:
Name, address, tel. No. and email address.
We register and pass on the personal information that is necessary to be able to deliver the item to you.
The personal information is registered by Racehall and stored for five years, after which the information is deleted.
In addition, we collaborate with a number of other companies that store and process data. Companies process information solely on our behalf and may not use it for their own purposes.
Data information
We only work with data processors in the EU or in countries that can provide your information with adequate protection.
The data controller on the website is Racehall.
You have the right to be informed of what information we process about you.
If you believe that the information is inaccurate, you have the right to have it corrected. In some cases, we have a duty to delete your personal data if you request it. It can e.g. be if your data is no longer necessary for the purpose for which we were to use it. You can also contact us if you believe that your personal data is being processed in violation of the law. You can write to us [email protected] – write “Data information” in the subject field.
Additions to professions
All B2B trading is subject to special terms and we do not offer any kind of right of return, exchange or the like of purchased products. 24 month warranty will always apply. A trade is a profession if the buyer or recipient is listed as being a business.
Any dispute between the buyer and Racehall must be settled by a home court selected by Racehall A / S
Privacy Policy
You can read our privacy policy here
The trading conditions were last updated on 28.10.2021