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Racehall's gokart tracks

Racehall’s gokart tracks

Our long and wide tracks mean that there is always plenty of opportunity to overtake. Even when all go-karts are on the track at the same time. The track have varying turns and a long side of up to 125 meters. This means that there are plenty of challenges for both beginners and experienced. The asphalt on the track contains 20 percent more rubber than ordinary roads, which gives the best possible grip in the turns, so you can press the accelerator properly. Our tire system is developed in Germany and is made of environmentally friendly recycled plastic. It is built as Lego bricks and is very flexible, which means that the system gives a lot if you should be so unlucky to run into the gang. In addition, we always make sure that safety is top notch, so you can calmly settle into our karts and give it gas on the track.

Racehall Copenhagen

The world’s largest indoor gokart track

The track in Copenhagen is 1250 meters long and 13 meters wide. The track contains 22 varying turns. The track in Copenhagen can hold 36 go-karts at a time.

See a picture of the track here
Racehall Aarhus

One of the world’s largest indoor gokart tracks

The track in Aarhus is 1000 meters long and 13 meters wide and contains 14 varying turns.
The track can hold 34 gokarts at a time

See a picture of the track here