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Children’s Gokart Club

kr. 945,00



Event time

5 hour

Track time


6-18 years


From 120 cm

Are you passionate about becoming better at go-karting, love speed, or just earnestly wish to drive fast in a safe environment? Then it’s time to sign up.
Whether you’re a beginner or advanced, there’s room for everyone in BGK (Children’s GoKart Club).

Basic Requirements:

Age: 6 years – 18 years (minimum height requirement is 120 cm)
Levels – Everyone is welcome.


Ongoing registration with a new start every month.
You are very welcome to try a session, where you can get a glimpse of what go-karting entails.


Every Sunday from 8 AM to 1 PM (Always contact us for exact information about which team you should start on).

Example Program

When you arrive, you need to register at the reception. If it’s your first time with us, your parents or guardian must sign in via our Racehall app, which you can download for free from the Apple Store or Google Play. In our app, you can also track your statistics from previous races.

After registration, you will be provided with a helmet, balaclava, and gloves. If it’s cold, you can borrow a driving suit. Always remember to wear closed shoes and tie up your hair. You are also welcome to bring your own suit and helmet.

Once ready, you will meet your coach before heading to the safety briefing.

You will get 30 minutes of driving time based on your level each session.

There will also be a “WALK THE LINE” session, where as a team, you will determine the ideal line and look at corners and braking points to improve.

Each training month concludes with a racing final, focusing on improvement and preparation for future competitive races and championships.



  • Monthly: 945 DKK
  • Per session: 360 DKK
  • Trial session: 360 DKK

Welcome to BGK at Racehall!

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