Le Mans – Winter

kr. 3.200,00

A series race in Le Mans style consisting of 6 races of 1-hour duration from November to April.
Each team consists of 1 or 2 drivers and a minimum of 3 pit stops per race are required.
All races count towards the overall points tally.


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Save and buy all races from the start for only 3,200 kr., or pay 640 kr. per race (the price is per go-kart, so it’s effectively only half you have to pay each if two people are driving together).


Who Can Participate?

You don’t have to be a professional to participate, as the focus here is on having fun and being part of a community with the same interest; namely, speed!


The Teams are Divided into Three Classes Based on Skill Level

1: Professional
2: Amateur
3: Rookie

The class is determined by the team’s best lap time, so that you compete against teams with the same level and experience.



  • Morten Hartvig Berg
  • Flemming Høy Pedersen
  • Maja Weier

Weight Compensation

Weight is compensated up to 100 kg – driver and ballast must always comply with the minimum weight.


The Winner Takes It All!

Medals are awarded to the podium in all three classes after each race.
At the final race on April 3rd, a large trophy set is also awarded to the podium in the overall standings for all three classes.


Win with Your Strongest Competitor!

In addition to the team competition, you can also join forces in Teams and compete for the team championship.
Here, the points for the team’s two best teams at each race count. Medals are awarded to the podium in the team championship at the final on April 3rd.
The winning team will additionally have their name(s) engraved on the traveling trophy, which is displayed at Racehall.



Must be at least 15 years old.



Meeting time at 18:30. Driving from 19:00-20:00

Race 1: Wednesday 15/11
Race 2: Wednesday 6/12
Race 3: Wednesday 10/1
Race 4: Wednesday 31/1
Race 5: Wednesday 6/3
Race 6: Wednesday 3/4


Questions and Registration

Send an email:  [email protected] 
Or call us at +45 8628 0170


Remember there is a meeting time at least 30 minutes before the race start.

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