RaceClub Adult Training

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RaceClub Adult Training every Tuesday

Do you want to be first, fastest and best? Do you have no, limited or any experience with motorsport, but the desire and the will! Then we have one of Denmark’s leading race drivers to train you: Nicolai Kandborg, who has already trained countless champions in Denmark and abroad – and even won a sea of races!

Strength, ability and speed are the three necessary cornerstones Nicolai Kandborg teaches from.

Do you dream of being able to determine the speed in the map yourself? Do you like to win? Are you into the cool community with like-minded motorsport enthusiasts?

If the answer is YES! So sign up for adult training today!

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Settlement format and race type
Adult training by/ Alex Mouro Format
Meeting time, registration & payment 15 minuttes
Briefing before driving 15 minuttes
Driving / training 30 minutter
Debriefing after driving 15 minutter
Settlement time 1 time
Training team for u.17 years divided into 3 levels incl. weight balance
3 Training Team Adult
F3 Strength Beginner
F2 Skills Practiced
F1 Speed High Performers
Each period has 3 training sessions and 1 grand prix

Age: 16 years and up
Levels – Everyone can join
There is a limited number of places! Therefore, contact us today to secure your seat.

There is ongoing registration with start-up, every month. Ask at your Racehall Center.

Point in time:
18: 15-19: 30

1195 kr. pr. mdr.

Example of program:
When you arrive, you or your guardian must register in our system. You can also do this in advance on our Racehall APP. You can find it for free in both the Apple store and GooglePlay. Here you can also compare your statistics from past and future races.
Once you are registered, it is time to greet each other and your Coach before going to the security briefing.
You will then receive a helmet, helmet hat and gloves. If the weather is very cold, it is also a driving suit you can borrow. Always remember to wear closed shoes and long hair set up in an elastic band. You can of course bring your own suit and helmet.
Once the safety is in place, you get out in the go-kart and are allowed to try out maps, abilities and the course. Here, your Coach will take notes of your time and technique.
Afterwards you will receive a printout of your start time. Your start time and initial trip around the track uses you and Racehall’s coach to set performance goals for your training.
Then you walk “WALK THE LINE” around the field, as a team. You set the ideal line and look at turns, brake points, etc. where you can improve. Driving time is a priority, but there will also be a focus on mechanics, physics and theory.
You end each training month with a racing final, so that there is a focus on improvement and preparation for future competitions and championships.
The team ends up in the training room, where you review the day’s results and look at where you have improved!