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Driver’s License

To drive a go-kart in Racehall, you must have an approved ‘Driver’s License’.

Driver’s License is a new and even more professional timing and registration system. It now allows you to get your results by email or on your Facebook wall. Here you can e.g. see your development as well as challenge a friend.
SMS Timing uses your profile picture from Facebook, or you can choose to have a new picture taken. This way, you and your teammates can see who is hiding behind the helmet.

After registration, you will be issued a personal driving license, which must be brought with you every time you visit Racehall.

NOTE. Persons under the age of 16 arriving unaccompanied by a parent or guardian must still complete an application for a Driver’s License, which must be accompanied by a signature from a parent or guardian.

You can also download our free Racehall App, here you can check your results and stay updated on your races.

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