Driver’s License

The Drivers Licence application is a certificate that serves as a disclaimer.

This means that Racehall is not liable for any person- or property damage, which you or a third party may have caused during the use of the rented gokarts. The same applies for any injuries you may have suffered as a consequence of accidents caused by other drivers, or injuries inflicted by you on a third party.

There is no reason to go into panic due to this. The security of our track and gokarts are very high. The track is made of giant Flexi-Track material, which means that if you should collide with the barrier, it will absorb the impact and prevent an immediate stop. The gokarts have very high security equipment as well, which includes metal frames, head restraints and harness belts.

Persons below 16 years of age who arrive without parents or guardian still need to sign a Driver License application, which has to be brought along with the signature of a parent or guardian.

Application for driver’s licence