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Cookie and privacy policy

1. Introduction

1.1 This website,, is owned and operated by Racehall A/S. When you visit our website or our address, we collect information about you as described in this privacy policy.

1.2 We process all personal data in accordance with applicable law.

2. Booking, etc. 2.1 We process your personal data to the extent that you enter, send, or otherwise voluntarily provide us with your data through our contact form or bookings.

2.2 When you send us an email, we process your information to the extent necessary to accommodate your requests, questions, or other inquiries.

2.3 When booking, we collect your name, phone number, email, number of people the booking concerns, and possibly the company name. These are the details necessary for us to create your booking and enter into an agreement with you regarding the event, including sending you a booking confirmation and any follow-up on your booking status. We retain your booking information for up to 36 months after the event.

2.1 If you want to read more about the terms of booking, you can click here.

2.2 On the website, we use a variety of cookies to improve our services. You can read more about this in our Cookie Policy further down the page.

3. Registration 3.1 Upon arrival, we collect the following identification information about you for track safety purposes: a) Name b) Date of birth (minimum age 16) c) Photo ID

3.2 Additionally, you can voluntarily provide your email address if you wish to receive your lap times by email. We also use your email for marketing our occasional offers and events unless you have opted out.

3.3 You can also voluntarily provide your phone number and postal code. We only use your phone number to contact you if needed. Your postal code is used only for anonymous statistics to help improve our services.

4. Driver’s License 4.1 As a regular service, you will be registered in our Driver’s License database, which contains your profile data, including your photo (you can choose to use your profile picture from Facebook or have a picture taken with our webcam).

4.2 You will receive a Driver’s License card, which you can check in with on your future visits. Through the Driver’s License, you can upgrade from a standard kart.

4.3 Your Driver’s License Profile contains your registration data (as described in section 3) and your history, including all your previous lap times. This way, you can see if you are improving over time, and you don’t need to check in and fill out the waiver form on subsequent visits. Your purchase of “ten-ride cards” or similar discount schemes is also stored on your profile. Finally, our staff can annotate your profile for track safety reasons. Annotations can be both positive and negative depending on your behavior on the track, e.g., “experienced,” “fast,” or “danger to others.”

4.4 We retain your Driver’s License profile until your 80th birthday (automatic deletion linked to your birth date) or upon your earlier request, subject to section 4.5.

4.5 We do not delete your information for the first 3 years to protect our legitimate interest in documenting your waiver signature. It is our responsibility to obtain your signature to avoid future claims if an injury occurs. If we are made aware that you have been injured during driving, we extend our retention of your waiver to 15 years to document and protect against potential legal claims related to the incident.

5. Day License 5.1 If you are part of a large group, such as a single company event, you will typically drive with us on a day license and will not be registered in the Driver’s License database. In this case, we store your registration information and waiver in the same manner as described in section 4.5.

6. Payment and Billing Information 6.1 We process your payment information in connection with payment and retain it for 5 years after the transaction in accordance with the Accounting Act.

6.2 If you have purchased a gift card, we retain the information for up to 5 years after the gift card has been redeemed, as per section 6.1.

7. CCTV Surveillance 7.1 We have installed CCTV surveillance at our premises for crime prevention.

7.2 All video material is used and stored in accordance with applicable laws, which require deletion within 30 days unless the recordings are needed as evidence in a dispute. If the recordings relate to a criminal case, they are forwarded to the police for further processing.

8. Data Sharing

8.1 We use data processors to deliver our services, including the provider of our IT systems (booking and Driver’s License). Our data processors are subject to our explicit instructions, and we have a written agreement with all our data processors to ensure your information is stored securely and complies with legal requirements.

8.2 We do not disclose your personal information to others unless strictly necessary under the law or to fulfill our agreement with you, as per section 8.3.

8.3 If you book time at Sallie’s Race Lounge, The Diner, or Skiarena, we forward your booking information to the companies responsible for these services. According to our agreement with these companies to operate under the same roof, they do not use your information for purposes other than fulfilling your booking and order.

9. Security Measures 9.1 Your personal information is protected against unauthorized access through login credentials, firewall, and antivirus. Only relevant employees have access to the systems.

10. Your Rights 10.1 You are welcome to request access to the information we process about you, as well as to update, correct, or delete information. All requests should be made in writing via email to [email protected].

10.2 If you wish to complain about our processing of your data, please contact us first. If we cannot assist you, you can complain to the Data Protection Agency.

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