We guarantee speed across the field

Racehall who?


Racehall wants to be your favorite destination when you’re looking for fun and speed across the field, and we’ve wanted that since we first opened our doors on June 11, 2006.

Racehall is for everyone, big and small, amateurs and professionals, and we create the framework for you to achieve personal victories, make new acquaintances, or strengthen existing ties between family, friends and acquaintances, over a challenge that you will not lose.

We love, just as much as you, a great challenge

We want to give all visitors the ultimate experience at the world’s largest indoor go-kart tracks. That is why we take great pride in the fact that quality equipment, high safety, good service, infectious smiles and joy are always part of the experience when you visit Racehall. We care a lot about Racehall being clean, neat and an inspiring place to be, so that our surroundings match your expectations. In addition, all our employees are very focused on providing the best customer service, and we always make sure to find the optimal solution so that you get the best experience.

We love, just as much as you, a great challenge. Therefore, we challenge ourselves on a daily basis, to provide the right conditions for you as customers to get the ultimate experience through good service, high quality, professionalism and high spirits.

You can unwind on our professional go-kart track, on the ski track in our ski arena, in the singing studio at Voicehall or over good food in our associated restaurant The Diner in Aarhus, or our partner Sallie’s Race Lounge in Copenhagen, overlooking the go-kart track.