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Race booking Aarhus

  • RaceClub Adult Training

    kr. 1.195,00
  • Racehall series 2023

    kr. 640,00
  • Drop in Twinkart

    kr. 160,00
  • Drop in from 160 kr.

    kr. 160,00
  • Family race

    kr. 350,00
  • Children’s birthday

    kr. 249,00
  • Drop in Twinkart

    kr. 160,00
  • Open Race & burger

    kr. 519,00
  • Open Event F1 style 30 min

    kr. 350,00
  • Blue Race & Burger – Blue Monday

    kr. 519,00
  • Blue Race – Blue Monday

    kr. 350,00
  • Drop in from 160 kr.

    kr. 160,00
  • 2 Cheap Sunday

    kr. 310,00
  • Le Mans

    kr. 1.100,00
  • Closed Race & burger

    kr. 519,00
  • The Formula 1 Team Experience

  • F1 Race 60 min

    kr. 640,00
  • Blue Race & Burger – Blue Monday

    kr. 519,00
  • Blue Race – Blue Monday

    kr. 350,00
  • Meetings | Conferences | Teambuilding | Events

  • F1 Style Race 30 min Closed

    kr. 350,00

Visit Diners’ Lounge when you visit Racehall Aarhus

Diners’ Lounge is a cozy and personal meeting place, where there is room for everyone, and where cozy moments become good memories.
In addition, you are always guaranteed good entertainment, as you from the restaurant can look directly down into Racehall and follow the go-karts on the track.

See our meeting packages or our company packages.

Se menu card here
  • Starter set with helmet cap and gloves

    kr. 35,00
  • Silver trophy set incl. Racehall Bubbles

    kr. 749,00
  • Racehall T-shirt

    kr. 149,00
  • Racehall Gold Cup

    kr. 900,00
  • Racehall Bubbles

    kr. 199,00
  • Racehall bag

    kr. 149,00
  • Mumm Champagne

    kr. 399,00
  • Medal set

    kr. 129,00
  • Gold trophy incl. Racehall Bubbles

    kr. 1.049,00
  • Gold medal

    kr. 49,00
  • Gold Cup set incl. Racehall Bubbles

    kr. 2.850,00
  • Gold Cup Set

    kr. 2.495,00
  • Gokart Statuette incl. Racehall Bubbles

    kr. 249,00
  • Gokart Statuette

    kr. 99,00
  • Driving gloves

    kr. 179,00
  • Cup set

    kr. 600,00
  • Cup incl. Racehall Bubbles

    kr. 1.649,00
  • Column trophy, optional column color

    kr. 1.495,00
  • Column Cup

    kr. 1.495,00

Racehall’s open, bright and inviting area is ideal for both small and large conferences, meetings and life events.

Our room has many interior design options and can both be used as one large room with room for up to 80+ participants, but can also be easily divided into smaller rooms for breakout sessions, meetings or other.

We offer a number of ready-made meeting and event packages, but you are not limited by these at all when you choose to hold an event with us. All rooms can be decorated with all the latest in AV equipment – and of course there is access to wi-fi everywhere.

We offer:

  • Flexible floor-to-ceiling venue, with plenty of options..
  • Rooms with everything in AV and strong Wi-Fi.
  • Free parking with 100+ spaces.
  • Meals in all price ranges from light meals to larger meals and full-day meals.
  • World-class karting track and outdoor area that can be involved in team building and event holding.
See our meeting packages
See our company packages

Do you have questions, a wish for a tour or something else? Then contact us on tel. 86289170 or send an email to [email protected].

There is free parking and delicious catering, tailored to your needs.

Contact us today and we will help you across the finish line with the perfect package.