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Your visit

We carry you through the whole experience at Racehall

To drive a go-kart in Racehall, you must have an approved ‘Driver’s License’, and you do this by downloading our app (Apple) (Android) and thereby having your driving license created. Then make sure to find the right size clothes and equipment for you. Now you are almost ready to drive …

However, you just have to watch our safety video to get a good and safe experience on the court. After the safety video, the track staff makes sure to brief all the drivers at the track. When everyone is comfortable after the briefing, the track staff is given go-karts and equipment, that everything is seated correctly and that everyone is well restrained. It’s time – Goooo!

When the time on the court is over it is time to breathe, just check your own and competitors’ times and get back in your own clothes. Now you have the opportunity to buy Racehall Merchandise at the reception. Once you’ve been out driving, you can enjoy the food from Sallie’s or Diners’ Lounge, whether it’s a burger, currants, sandwiches or just something cold to drink.When you have caught your breath and filled your stomachs, we in Racehall say thank you for today and see you next time!