General / Practical information

  • What is the difference between Closed events, Open events and Drop In? 
    Open event: Race for groups of 12 or less. You are put together with other groups on the track.  Closed event: Race for groups of 13 or more. You have the track for yourselves.  Drop In: Race without booking in advance / appointment. You are always welcome to swing by Racehall to check and see if the track is available. Book the race you want and start racing whenever the track is clear. 
  • Which clothing should you be wearing?
    In the winter half of the year we strongly recommend that you bring warm clothing, including gloves and warm footwear. It is always possible to borrow a racing suit and gloves, if you have forgotten any of these items. You can easily become sweaty in the summer half of the year due to the heat. We always recommend that you bring an extra t-shirt this time of the year.
  • What is the minimum age and height?
    The slogan at Racehall is Gokarting4All and we want to make sure that everybody have the possibility to get out and compete. For that reason we don't have any age requirements for DROP-IN, but there is a natural height limit for the different karts. At DROP IN (10 minute drives), there are no minimum age, but we have a minimum height requirement of 120 cm. At an OPEN EVENT, the minimum age is 15 years.  At a CLOSED EVENT (minimum rent is 12 karts), the person who rents the track, has full responsibility of participants below 15 years. Height limits at DROP-IN: Adult karts: Minimum 150 cm. Childrens karts: Minimum 120 cm. We also offer a Twin-kart with two seats which allows passangers as low as 90 centimeters to be a passenger with a person above 18 years.  OPEN & CLOSED EVENTS: At OPEN EVENTS we have an age limit of 15 years. At CLOSED EVENTS it is the person who has booked the event who holds the responsibility if there are drivers below 15 years of age.
  • Is it possible to attend gokarting lessons at Racehall?
    We are offering the Racehall racing school a few times every year, where an experienced coach will teach techniques and give some tips and tricks.
  • Why do you have to wear a helmet sock when you are racing?
    The purpose of the helmet sock is to keep a high level of hygiene in the helmets.
  • Is it possible to drive your own gokart at Racehall?
    It is not a possibility to drive your own gokart at Racehall, because we are only allowing our own gokarts to use the track.
  • Is the briefing necessary if you have been driving at Racehall before?
    The briefing is always compulsory at any race of ½ hour or more. We are sometimes changing our procedures, and this way we are guaranteed, that all drivers have received the same important instructions.
  • What is my plastic Driver's Licence used for?
    It is a driver's licence, which you must bring along every time you are going to drive at Racehall.
  • Why do you apply for a Driver's Licence?
    The Driver's Licence application is a certificate that serves as a disclaimer. This means that Racehall is not liable for any person- or property damage, which you or a third party may have caused during the use of the rented gokarts. The same applies for any injuries you may have suffered as a consequence of accidents caused by other drivers, or injuries inflicted by you on a third party. There is no reason to go into panic due to this. The security of our track and gokarts are very high. The track is made of giant Flexi-Track material, which means that if you should collide with the barrier, it will absorb the impact and prevent an immediate stop. The gokarts have very high security equipment as well, which includes metal frames, head restraints and harness belts. Persons below 16 years of age who arrive without parents or guardian still need to sign a Driver's License application, which has to be brought along with the signature of a parent or guardian. 


  • How early can we book?
    At DROP IN it is not possible to book a specific time, because this concept is based on you just dropping in, and see if there are any seats available. We recommend that you drop in on Sundays, as we keep this day open for the DROP IN concept. You are always welcome to call before you leave home, and we can inform you about how crowded the track is. OPEN EVENTS can’t be booked more than 14 days in advance, and the reason for that is that we will be able to offer the widest selection of available times as possible for larger parties. At CLOSED EVENTS there are no booking restrictions in terms of the time of reservation. The only demand is that you rent/pay for at least 12 karts.
  • Why do I have to confirm my booking?
    To avoid that people do not show up, and thereby occupy the track from others, it is necessary to confirm your booking. This also serves as a contract between Racehall and the visitor.
  • Is it possible to arrange a larger event at Racehall?
    Racehall can create the perfect settings for any event, whether you are a few or 100+ persons in your party. You are more than welcome to give us a call, to receive further information. Tel.: +45 86 28 01 70.
  • Is it possible to arrange a children’s birthday party at Racehall?
    Yes it is possible to arrange a fun and exciting birthday for children. The only demand is that all drivers must meet our height requirement of 120 cm. You can contact Racehall by calling +45 86 28 01 70, and we can tell you further about our possibilities.
  • We are 5 persons who would like to book the track for 3 hours on a Saturday in about 4 months from now?
    For every party less than 12 persons, we strongly recommend that you book a ½ hour Open Event (can’t be booked more than 8 days in advance). The reason that we recommend this type of race is that we want to make sure that you get the best experience possible. The advantage of this race type is that you can be joined by others, and more karts on the track means a better race for you. If you want a closed race, we inform you that you have to rent/pay for at least 12 karts.
  • Is a Le Mans possible at Racehall?
    Yes it is a possibility, but you have to be at least 30 persons, because there are a minimum requirement of renting/paying for 15 karts for 1½ hour.
  • We are 16 persons who would like to rent 4 gokarts for 1 hour and take turns at driving them.
    It is not a possibility because you have to rent at least 12 karts for an event of that type. We recommend that you drive a ½ hour or 1 hour race instead. This will be much more fun for you, and you will get a much better experience by all being at the track at the same time.

Payment & Prices

  • Is it possible to have the bill forwarded afterwards?
    It is only possible to have the bill forwarded if you are a sponsor at Racehall. Please contact Henrik Stærmose, if you would like to become a sponsor. Tel.: +45 86 28 01 70 or email: henrik@racehall.com
  • What are the possibilities of paying by EAN number or requisition?
    The three following demands has to be fulfilled for us to invoice for a responsible authority. Requisition containing name, address of the institution and requisition number. EAN number of the authority. Picture ID of the purchaser. Please email ALL information (name, address, phone number etc.) to aar@racehall.com the day before the race.
  • Is it possible to get a discount for larger groups?
    We are not able to give any discounts, because our prices are already as low as they can get, and our gokarts and track have the best equipment. We inform that we are a private company without public grants of any kind.