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What is the difference between Closed events, Open events and Drop In?

Open Event: Races for parties of less than 12 people. Here you can book a time where you have the opportunity to be put together with others who have also booked an Open Event. Closed Event: Races for parties of more than 12 people. Here you can book a time where you get the course for yourself in the 30 minutes. Drop In: Drop In is a race without an appointment. You are always welcome to stop by Racehall and book the number of minutes that suits you. Then get in on the track when there is room.

What kind of clothes should you wear?

In the winter, we always recommend that you bring warm clothes, warm shoes and gloves. If one should have forgotten some of this, it is always possible to borrow a suit and gloves. In the summer, we would recommend that you bring an extra T-shirt, as you can easily sweat at this time of year.

How old and tall should you be?

Racehall’s slogan is Gokarting4All, and of course we want to give everyone the opportunity to get out and feel the adrenaline. We therefore have no age limit on DROP-IN, but there is a natural height limit on the various go-karts: Height restrictions at DROP-IN: Adult karts: Minimum 150 cm. Children’s kart: Minimum 120 cm. For people under 120 cm, we also have our Twinkart, where people with a height of up to 90 cm, can be included as passengers in the go-kart with two seats. OPEN & CLOSED EVENTS: At OPEN EVENTS there is an age limit of 15 years. At CLOSED EVENTS, the person who has rented the course is responsible if there are participants under the age of 15.

Can you go karting in Racehall, like any other leisure activity?

Yes, we regularly hold regular events where you sign up for races over a longer period. See more under “Training” in the menu.

Can you drive your own go-kart in Racehall?

Unfortunately, this is not possible, as you can only drive with Racehall’s own go-karts.

Do you need a briefing if you have driven before?

For 1/2 hour runs or longer, briefing is always mandatory, as there are ongoing changes in our procedure. That way, we can always make sure that all drivers have received the same important information.


How long before can you book?

This depends on how many of you there are and whether a closed course is desired.
If you want to book well into the future, we recommend that you book a closed event, as there is no restriction in relation to the booking. The only requirement is a minimum rent / payment of 12 gokarts. Feel free to contact us for help.

Why do I need to confirm my booking?

The booking must be confirmed to prevent people from failing to show up and thus occupying the time for others.Furthermore, it acts as a contract between the guest and Racehall.

Can we hold a larger event in Racehall?

Yes, from anything between 1- 1200 people, Racehall can create the perfect setting for any event. Then finally call for more information on tel .: 86 28 01 70

Can you have a child's birthday in Racehall, and what does it cost?

Yes, we have the perfect package for you here: Children’s Birthday in Copenhagen or Children’s Birthday in Aarhus

We are 5 people who would like to book the course for 3 hours, a Saturday, in 4 months?

Open Event can be booked online up to 14 days in advance. Contact us – if you would like to book further into the future.

We are 16 people who want to rent 4 go-karts, for 1 hour and then take turns driving?

Everything is possible as long as you only pay for a minimum of 12 gokarts. However, due to the size of the tracks, we would recommend that you book seats at 2 open events.

Can you drive Le Mans in Racehall?

Yes, you can do that. To hold a Le Mans, however, you must have a minimum of 30 people, as there is a minimum rent of 15 go-karts for 1½ hour.


What can I use a Racehall driver's license for?

To drive a go-kart in Racehall, you must have an approved ‘Driver’s License’. It costs DKK 5 to be registered, and after registration you will be issued a personal driving license, which must be brought every time you visit Racehall.Alternatively, you can purchase a new one and be registered again. NOTE. Persons under the age of 16 arriving unaccompanied by a parent or guardian must still complete an application for a Driver’s License, which must be accompanied by a signature from a parent or guardian.

Why fill in a driving license application?

The driving license application is a “certificate”, which serves as a disclaimer. This means that Racehall is not liable for personal injury or property damage that you or a third party may cause in connection with the use of the rented go-karts, as well as injuries you may suffer as a result of other drivers, or which you may cause to third parties. NO PANIC, our track and go-karts are top secured. The track is made of giant Flexi-Track Material, so IF you had to collide with the band, it gives way so you do not stop abruptly. The go-kart is also top secured with metal frames, headrest and H-belt.

What do I need the plastic driver's license for?

It’s a Driver’s License that you must bring with you every time you drive out.

If you are not into a plastic driving license, you can download our Racehall App.
With the Racehall app, you have your Drivers License at your fingertips. You can see new and old times as well as our Racehall live and much more. Download it now and go exploring.


Changing room

All locations have separate men’s and women’s changing rooms with associated bathing facilities.


All locations have ample parking spaces.

Charging stations for electric cars (EV charging stations)

At the Aarhus location, it is possible to have your car charged at the neighbor company Aarhus Vand.

Eating & drinking

All locations have, under the same roof, an associated restaurant where it is possible to get food and drink. All table reservations are handled by the individual restaurants.
The restaurant in Aarhus: Diner’s Lounge.
The restaurant in Copenhagen: Sallie’s Race Lounge.

Both restaurants have a view of the Racehall courses.


Can the bill be sent to you afterwards?

You can only get the bill afterwards if you are a sponsor in Racehall. If you want to become a sponsor, please contact Henrik Stærmose on 86 28 01 70 or email: [email protected]

What if you have to pay with EAN no. or requisition?

The following 3 requirements must be met in order to invoice to a public authority: 1. Requisition with name, address of the institution, and requisition number. 2. Authority EAN no. 3. Image ID of the buyer 4. The day before the race, an email is sent to us at [email protected] with ALL information. That is, name, address, tel. Etc.

Can you get a group discount?

We do not give discounts as prices are the same for everyone. If there are several of you who need to leave, you can advantageously choose one of our package solutions.

Can you get a companion discount when driving a twin-kart?

Disabled people can ride both in our twinkart – and in our handicap-friendly go-kart. Companions for the disabled do not receive a discount when driving the twinkart.