Many schools and organizations request Racehall for help raising money for various purposes. At Racehall, we are very interested in helping where we can. Large projects as well as small ones. Racehall has i.a. the collaboration with families for children with cancer, Danmarks Indsamlingen on DR P3 and various educational institutions in connection with raising money for school events.
If you have a collection project that you want support for, write an email to aar@racehall.com or cph@racehall.com where you write “collection” in the subject field, and then a short description of the project. Then we will contact you and see if we can come up with a common solution.


In connection with the construction of Racehall Copenhagen in 2019, several different sustainable choices were made. At Racehall Copenhagen, we have solar cells on the entire roof of the administration building and use LED lighting both outside and inside. Drainage ditches have been established around the entire hall, so that we do not burden the municipal sewer system unnecessarily. The parking lot and the floor in the hall are cast on top of recycled material.
To give the Racehall building a nice contrast, we have made a beautiful flower meadow out to Roskildevej. The part of the area that is not flower meadow is rented out to an organic farmer
Indoors, our bands are made of recycled plastic and we use environmental petrol and new catalysts on the exhausts. In this way, we also ensure that it is comfortable to stay inside the hall itself. In relation to digitization, we are in both Aarhus and Copenhagen in the process of getting as many guests as possible to download our app, so we can save on plastic cards and paper prints of lap times.